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(2021/03/13) Improvements to index artwork

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(2021/09/09) MinimServer update 201 has been released

[NEW] MinimServer 2 has replaced MinimServer 0.8 on all platforms for new installations. If you have an existing installation of MinimServer 0.8, you can continue to use it with some limitations. See the MinimServer 2 page for details.

There are important differences between MinimServer 2 and earlier versions of MinimServer. Some features that were available free of charge in earlier versions of MinimServer require payment of a license fee in MinimServer 2. For details, see the License Options page.

For details of how to install MinimServer 2, see the Quick Start page.

MinimServer 2 Starter Edition

MinimServer 2 Starter Edition makes it easy to get started with MinimServer. A new web-based user interface makes Starter Edition easy to manage and configure. To keep things simple, Starter Edition has few configuration options. There's a new Quick start guide that covers everything you need to get up and running. Starter Edition has no license fee and does not expire.

Features available in Starter Edition

The following features are available in Starter Edition:

Additional features available with a full license

The following features require a MinimServer full license and are not available in Starter Edition:

Properties reference list

The following list shows all configurable MinimServer properties. Properties shown in bold type are configurable in both Starter Edition and the full version of MinimServer 2. Properties in regular type are configurable only in the full version.

aliasTags, alphaGroup, .autoUpdate, contentDir, delayStart, displayName, excludePattern, http.port, indexTags, itemTags, listViewAlbums, .logFile, .logLevel, .logPrefix, mergeFolderAlbums, ohnet.debug, ohnet.port, ohnet.subnet, serverOptions, showExtras, startupScan, tagFormat, tagOptions, tagUpdate, tagValue, .updateReminder, upnpCustom, writeAllTags, writeTagChanges