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(2021/03/13) Improvements to index artwork

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(2021/04/16) MinimServer update 193 has been released

[NEW] MinimServer 2 has replaced MinimServer 0.8 on all platforms for new installations. If you have an existing installation of MinimServer 0.8, you can continue to use it with some limitations. See the MinimServer 2 page for details.

There are important differences between MinimServer 2 and earlier versions of MinimServer. Some features that were available free of charge in earlier versions of MinimServer require payment of a license fee in MinimServer 2. For details, see the License Options page.

For details of how to install MinimServer 2, see the Quick Start page.


MinimWatch is an application that enables you to manage and configure MinimServer from any computer (PC, Mac or Linux) on your local network.

Note: If you are running MinimWatch 0.8 and you have installed MinimServer 2, you need to update to MinimWatch 2 because MinimWatch 0.8 isn't compatible with MinimServer 2. MinimWatch 2 is compatible with both MinimServer 2 and MinimServer 0.8.

MinimServer and MinimWatch

You should install MinimServer on the computer or NAS that holds your music collection. This could be a Windows PC, a Mac, a Linux PC, or a NAS. If your music is on an external drive attached to a computer, you should install MinimServer on that computer. If your music is on a NAS that isn't able to run MinimServer, you can use a computer to access the NAS as a network drive, with MinimServer installed on that computer. You'll need the computer or NAS where you've installed MinimServer to be running whenever you're browsing your music collection or playing music.

You should install MinimWatch if you want to use some other computer to configure or manage your MinimServer installation. If you've installed MinimServer on a NAS, it's important to do this so that you can use the full capabilities of MinimServer. If you've installed MinimServer on a computer that you use mainly as a server, you can install MinimWatch on another computer to manage MinimServer more conveniently. MinimWatch isn't a UPnP control point, so you can't use it to browse your MiniMServer library or select music to play. You don't need to have MinimWatch running when you are browsing your music library or playing music.

Installing MinimWatch

You can find instructions for installing MinimWatch by following these links: