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(2020/05/24) MinimServer 2 is now available for Synology, QNAP, Windows, Mac and Melco (2020/07/17) MinimServer update 161 released

Classical profile changes

In previous versions of MinimServer 2 for Melco, the Work index of the Classical browsing profile included MusicBrainz_Work tags that were added by SongKong. In MinimServer 2.0.7, the Classical profile has been updated so that these tags are no longer included.

This change to MinimServer has been made because of recent changes to the way SongKong adds tags to files that it has identified as classical. SongKong 6.8.1 and earlier versions added some work information for classical files to the MusicBrainz_Work tag without adding this information to the Work or Overall_Work tags. In SongKong 6.8.2, this has been changed to put all work information for classical files into the Work or Overall_Work tags, so MinimServer no longer needs to read classical work information from the MusicBrainz_Work tag.

Removing the MusicBrainz_Work tag from the MinimServer Classical profile ensures that the Work index of the Classical profile contains only those files that SongKong has identified as classical. This provides a better browsing experience for classical music users.

If you have used a version of SongKong prior to 6.8.2 to fix your songs and you want to update to the new MinimServer 2.0.7 classical profile, you should do the following:

  1. Update SongKong to version 6.8.2 or later
  2. Run Fix Songs on your library using SongKong 6.8.2 or later
  3. Update MinimServer to version 2.0.7 or later
  4. On the Melco front panel Settings > Music Database > Tree Indexes menu, select For Classical Music
  5. On the Melco front panel, select Settings > Music Database > Configure MinimServer
  6. Enter the URL shown for "Visit Configuration Page" into a web browser
  7. From the MinimServer configuration web page, select the Profiles tab and then select the Reset tab
  8. Check that the Reset Profile page shows your current active profile as 'SongKongClassical'. If not, repeat step 4 above and refresh the Reset Profile page.
  9. Click the Reset Profile button. In the confirmation pop-up, select OK.
  10. On the Melco front panel Settings > Music Database menu, select Rescan Songs and Playlists

Resettting the profile without previously fixing your songs using SongKong 6.8.2 or later might cause some classical works to be missing from the Work index. To restore the missing works, perform steps 1, 2 and 10 above.

If you have any questions about this, please post them to the MinimServer forum.