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MinimServer 2 is now available for Melco N100, N10 and N1 EX

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MinimServer 2.0.4 has been released

MinimServer 2

MinimServer 2 sets a new direction for MinimServer, with an emphasis on ease of use and a choice of versions to meet the needs of different users.


MinimServer was first released in 2012. The key feature was Intelligent Browsing, which enables the user to browse by any tags in any order and automatically adjusts how browsing results are presented based on the contents of the library and previous browsing selections. Since then, many features have been added to MinimServer to make it very configurable and flexible. MinimServer supports a very wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and many popular brands of NAS.

The flexibility and configurability of MinimServer comes at a cost of some complexity. The online User guide provides comprehensive information about all features of MinimServer but the size of this guide can make it hard for new users to find information about the basics.

MinimServer has always been free of charge with donations requested. I am very grateful to everyone who sent donations, some of which have been extremely generous. These donations have enabled me to purchase and maintain the equipment that is required to develop and support MinimServer on the many supported platforms. This worked well in the early days of MinimServer but has now become unsustainable becauses donations have been reducing over recent years while the support workload and associated costs have been growing. Because of this, it is no longer viable for me to continue enhancing the free version of MinimServer with new features. It also does not seem fair that many users who do not donate enjoy the same features and benefits as those who donate.

As a way to address all these issues, I have decided to offer MinimServer 2 in two versions. The new Starter Edition is easy to install and use and has limited configurability. It is the entry point to MinimServer and it is free of charge. The full version of MinimServer 2 is a paid upgrade that provides all the functionality and configurability of previous versions of MinimServer together with some exciting new features. For more details of these versions, see the Licensing page.


MinimServer 2 includes all of the functionality provided by previous versions of MinimServer, together with some important new features:


MinimServer 2 will be available initially on the Melco EX series. Other platforms will be supported later. More details about the timing of this support will be provided here in the near future.

Existing installations

Existing installations of MinimServer will continue to work indefinitely but will no longer be updated with new features. At some point, the expiry date for the current version of MinimStreamer will not be extended further and existing installations of MinimStreamer will expire and will no longer work. This expiry will not happen until MinimServer 2 and MinimStreamer 2 are available for all platforms that are currently supported by MinimServer.