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(2021/12/14) Indexes for recently added and recently played files

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(2022/07/13) MinimServer update 218 has been released

[NEW] MinimServer 2 has replaced MinimServer 0.8 on all platforms for new installations. If you have an existing installation of MinimServer 0.8, you can continue to use it with some limitations. See the MinimServer 2 page for details.

There are important differences between MinimServer 2 and earlier versions of MinimServer. Some features that were available free of charge in earlier versions of MinimServer require payment of a license fee in MinimServer 2. For details, see the License Options page.

For details of how to install MinimServer 2, see the Quick Start page.

MinimServer 2 License Options

MinimServer 2 offers a choice of license options to meet the needs of different users.

Starter Edition

MinimServer 2 Starter Edition makes it easy to get started with MinimServer. A new web-based user interface makes Starter Edition easy to manage and configure. To keep things simple, Starter Edition has few configuration options. There is a new Quick start guide that covers everything you need to get up and running. Starter Edition has no license fee and does not expire. For details of the features available in Starter Edition, see the Starter Edition page.

Full license

By purchasing a full license for MinimServer 2, you can use all of the functionality provided by previous versions of MinimServer together with some important new features:

Your full license does not expire and covers up to three installations of MinimServer. These installations can be on any of the platforms that MinimServer supports. For example, you might want to run MinimServer on a NAS and also on a PC or Mac.

To purchase a full license, visit this page.

Trial license

You can try all the features of MinimServer 2 at no cost by activating a trial license. For a 30-day trial period, this gives you everything you would get by purchasing a full license, with no limitations or restrictions.

To activate your trial license, select the License tab from the MinimServer 2 configuration web page and follow the instructions there.

At the end of your trial, you can either revert to Starter Edition or you can purchase a full license to continue using all the features of the full version of MinimServer 2.


Your purchase of a full license includes all MinimServer updates and new versions for 12 months. After this period, you can purchase a license extension to continue receiving updates for a further 12 months. If you don't purchase this license extension, MinimServer will continue to work with no expiry date but you will no longer receive further updates.


The optional MinimStreamer extension is available only with a MinimServer full license. This continues the current approach of MinimStreamer being licensed for a limited period with an expiry date. Your MinimServer full license allows you to use MinimStreamer for 12 months with all updates and new versions included. After this period, if you purchase a license extension for MinimServer updates (see above), this also extends your MinimStreamer license (including updates and new versions) for the same 12 months.

Summary table

The following table summarizes the differences between license options.

  Starter Edition Trial license Full license
Features limited all all
License fee no no yes
License expiry no 30 days no
MinimServer updates yes 30 days 12 months (can extend)
(including updates)
no 30 days 12 months (can extend)